Why invest and diversify with SMEs as an asset class?
Investments based on
**risk appetite** with a wide pool 
of SME notes to match parameters

Investments based on risk appetite with a wide pool of SME notes to match parameters

**Adaptive credit scoring methodology** 
to minimize investment risk

Adaptive credit scoring methodology to minimize investment risk

**End-to-end** origination process

End-to-end origination process

**Dedicated Relationship Managers** to 
keep investors informed and updated

Dedicated Relationship Managers to keep investors informed and updated

What are our investor qualifications?
Investree on boards Qualified Institutional and Individual Buyers based on the SEC's eligibility criteria. To learn more about this, please send us your details and we will be happy to reach out to you for a discussion.
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Institutional Investors
Refers to established entities that meet certain financial criteria, such as minimal annual gross revenue or total portfolio investment.
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Individual Investors
Refers to individuals who meet specific financial requirements in addition to having experience in securities trading or relevant positions of responsibility. These criteria ensure that investors have the financial resources and knowledge necessary to participate in the investment market.
What are the requirements?
To start your investor journey, prepare the following documents upon onboarding:
Individual Investors
Supporting Documents such as Funding Provision Agreement and Special Power of Attorney
Other Supporting Documents as determined by Investree
Institutional Investors
Supporting Documents such as Funding Provision Agreement and Special Power of Attorney
Business Documents
  • SEC Certificate
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • General Information Sheet
  • BIR Form 2303
  • Mayor's Permit
Other Supporting Documents as determined by Investree
How does the investment process look?
Our dedicated Capital Markets team will assist you throughout the process to ensure a smooth investment experience.
  • Submission of standard onboarding documents
  • Determination of preferred mode of disbursement to SMEs
  • Submission of additional documents, if applicable
  • Note offering, bidding, and auction through our platform
  • Due diligence on notes available for bidding
  • Disbursement of funded notes
  • Receipt of issuer repayment (principal + interest amount)
  • Extension management for issuer extension requests, if applicable
  • Handling of past due or non-performing loans, if applicable
Diversify your
investments through
high-growth SMEs!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can provide funding on Investree?

Currently, we can only accept individual and institutional investors that are Qualified Buyers defined in SEC SRC Rule 10.

If my company is not on the list of qualified buyers, are there ways for me to invest on the Investree platform?

Yes. Based on SRC Rule the Commission may deem other persons as qualified buyers on the basis of such factors as financial sophistication, net worth, knowledge, and experience in financial and business matters, or amount of assets under management.

What products can investors can invest in?

We offer Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing products to SMEs.

What are the risks with lending through Investree?

While Investree has measures to mitigate risks when approving applications, the investors bear the credit risks when funding applications from issuers. We advise investors to make use of our Fact Sheet to screen applications based on their own risk appetite.

What are the documents needed to register as an investor?

If you are interested to apply as an investor, you can fill up the form on our investor page or send an email to investors@investree.ph

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